The strike on HIMARS positions by the Russian Grad system was caught on video

As part of a special military operation, a HIMARS multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) belonging to the Ukrainian Armed Forces was attacked in one of the operational directions. According to the information, for the first time it was recorded how an unmanned aerial vehicle for optical-electronic reconnaissance and target designation detected the operation of HIMARS, firing GMLRS guided missiles at rear targets.

The unusual situation is that the M142 HIMARS launcher was deployed at a distance of only 10 - 15 km from the line of combat contact, the purpose of which was to strike targets at a depth of 50 - 70 km. However, the crews of the Russian 152-mm howitzers D-20, Msta-B, Giatsint-B and their self-propelled versions did not have Krasnopol-M guided projectiles in their ammunition loads. Also, the Orlan-10/30 unmanned aerial vehicles, which could carry out target designation for Krasnopol/-M projectiles, were not working in this sector.

As a result, after HIMARS promptly left its position, the standard Grad multiple launch rocket system fired at it. However, this answer did not bring significant results.


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