Strike the Kurds


The blow of the Russian ATGM "Kornet" on the Turkish armored car hit the video - the multi-ton armored car was thrown tens of meters away

Russian ATGM "Cornet" destroyed a Turkish armored car.

Syrian Kurds destroyed another Turkish armored car, which was involved in a military operation against civilians. As a result of a direct missile hit on armored vehicles, a multi-ton combat vehicle was thrown several tens of meters away, turning it into a piece of scrap metal.

In the presented video frames, you can see how, as a result of a missile hitting a Turkish armored car, the damaged equipment not only accelerated, but also flew several tens of meters in the air. As a result of the received critical damage, the vehicle was completely destroyed. According to local sources, two Turkish soldiers who were in the armored car were killed.

It is reported that the Kurds are actively using the Russian ATGM "Kornet" to destroy Turkish armored vehicles. At the same time, at the moment it remains unknown how exactly such complexes come into service with the Kurds, however, obviously, we are talking about the supply of this weapon through other countries.

Today, the Russian Kornet ATGM is considered one of the most promising anti-tank missile systems, since its combat capabilities allow it to destroy almost any existing armored equipment, which, obviously, became the reason for the popularity of this complex.

fake news

the aviation industry, as always, for your news humor only read this land mines

Israeli writers fulfill job strain relations between Russia and Turkey. Hence the "Cornets" ....

Cornet Obolensky, add some wine ...

1. The scatter of the soil and parts of the road surface is visible.
2. The flight trajectory of the armored car indicates that from the point of placement of the land mine to the center of mass of the armored car - approximately 45 °.
Conclusion: ATGM - "does not smell"!

Land mine

What "cornet"? There a land mine exploded on the side of the road.

It is unclear where the Kornet ATGM is. The car was cut short by a land mine.

This is not an ATGM. This is the explosion of a land mine, laid down in advance.

It is quite obvious that this is a detonation at a land mine.

what a rocket, a planted land mine.

It doesn't seem like a land mine.

Which Cornet? Open your eyes - there is an explosion on the land mine, you can see.

Does Kornet always have such a train on the sidelines?

this is a bomb, to the right is a trace of the detonating cordon