Bomber Su-24


The blow of the Russian Su-24 turned the shelter of militants into ruins

Russian Su-24 gave the terrorists a "meat grinder" right in the shelter.

The ongoing strikes by the Russian air forces on the positions of jihadists in Syria have a very positive effect. So, the day before, the Russian front-line bomber Su-24 was spotted for delivering bomb strikes on the positions of militants in Idlib. A direct hit by a high-explosive bomb turned the building in which the terrorists took refuge in a pile of debris.

The Syrian military has already called Russian front-line bombers “flying meat grinders,” pointing to the fact that these combat aircraft are so effectively destroying the positions of militants that even the most powerful fortifications cannot save the latter.

The photographs presented depict the moment the appearance of the Russian Su-24 bomber over the positions of the militants, and the subsequent destruction of the large building, which, as it was supposed, were before the 12 terrorists. Representatives of the militants do not comment on their own losses, however, they create another provocation, showing photos of civilians who were supposedly in the destroyed building, however, as it turned out, the photographs were taken in general in another part of Syria.

It should be clarified that, despite the active strikes of the Russian air forces, the Syrian army has not yet launched an attack on the position of jihadists, which, obviously, indicates the presence of serious enemy forces on the fronts.