Incendiary strike on Avdiivka caught on video

A large-scale strike with incendiary ammunition on Avdiivka was caught on video by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military published video footage of powerful strikes on the territory of the settlement. Avdiivka using incendiary ammunition. Judging by the number of explosions and the huge fire that started, at least 30 9M22S incendiary munitions were hit.

On video footage taken by the Ukrainian military, you can see how a wall of fire has, in fact, collapsed on Avdiivka. Judging by the nature of the damaging elements, we are talking specifically about incendiary munitions, and although their type is not known for certain, the impact process is extremely similar to the impacts of 9M22S rocket munitions, which have previously been used in Nevelskoye, Mariupol and a number of other regions.

In another video, you can see the aftermath of incendiary strikes on Avdiivka. As a result of shelling with such ammunition, a severe fire began. This, for obvious reasons, affected all military equipment and defensive positions in the area, which led to a shift in defensive lines, although not to their complete retreat.


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