Russian troops


Strikes against the Taliban, Tajikistan pulls Russia into the war in Afghanistan

A Russian ally is dragging the country into a military conflict in Afghanistan.

The deployment of armored vehicles on the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, supplying the resistance forces in Panjshir with weapons and ammunition, as well as sheltering former members of the Afghan government and military in Tajikistan can lead to an armed conflict between the two countries, in which Russia will also be drawn.

Today the situation on the border of the two states is relatively calm. Earlier, the Taliban have already expressed their dissatisfaction with the actions of Dushanbe, and with the arrival of the Taliban militants (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) To power, the likelihood of further deterioration of the situation is very high.

“Russia is an ally of Tajikistan, including the CSTO. Nevertheless, the actions of Dushanbe may well lead to a conflict with the Taliban, and this already creates a threat that Russia will also be drawn into this armed conflict, which will only aggravate the situation. ", - the expert marks.

American experts also expressed the opinion that in the near future Russia could be dragged into an armed conflict. This is stated by experts of the Fox News TV channel, noting that a few days ago it was the Tajik Air Force that bombed a large Taliban terrorist force in the Panjshir region, although Dushanbe did not comment on such accusations.

Earlier, the CSTO announced that they are ready to provide Tajikistan with all the necessary assistance in the event of an attack from the territory of neighboring Afghanistan.

Don't write nonsense about Russia and Donbass .... Donbass is part of Ukraine ... It's just that Russia supports Donbass with humanitarian aid ....

Uzbekistan is afraid, they have never seen a war.

Why do you say? You have always been cowards. Are you waiting for someone to come and terrorize you?

Because the Uzbeks are Türks, the tolibs are closer to the Türks, and the Tojiki Forsy, the Forces in Australia are 16 million, and in Tozhdikistan it is 6,5.

Uzbekistan is neutral and does not interfere, why does it need it.

Here we go! Show an example .. Flag in hand, forward and with songs !!!

For Russia, the enemy is inside the country and there is no need to invent dances of shamans with tambourines ..

Thank you brother you are the most sane person in Russia

It does not seem strange why Tajikistan is against the Taliban and Uzbekistan is for the Tolibs ??

Do you think Tajikistan is doing this without the consent of Russia? No, of course, Tajikistan is acting as Russia advises it, and in general the Taliban are a threat to Russia as well.

The Taliban is a threat not only to Tajikistan or the United Asia, but also to Russia, so that Putin himself knows what to do.

There is no need to provoke Tajikistan. Without the consent of Putin, Tajikistan will not be able to take a step, believe it so. Rakhmonov listens to Putin's advice and does so.

The ally of the Tajiks merged Donbass and Armenia as before.

Russia should help Tajikistan defeat the Taliban

Those. bombs Pakistan, and they want to blame Tajikistan.
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And Belarusians someday will drag us into a war with NATO

Nobody is pulling anyone into the war with Afghanistan, Tajikistan is trying not to let ISIS through and it didn't get to Russia

Do not forget, the CSTO is not a Russian, but a collective organization

Everything that Russia does, it does for itself, for its own interest. Nobody asks Russia to keep 201 division in Tajikistan

The ultimate target of the Taliban is to strike at Russia

If Russia is an ally of Tajikistan, then it, as an ally, should not take critical actions without consulting Russia. Otherwise, Russia has the right to distance itself from the actions of such an ally.