Hamers strikes on Svatovo caught on CCTV camera

Video footage of Hymers strikes on Svatovo has been published.

About a day ago, the Ukrainian military attacked Svatovo with HIMARS rocket launchers. It is known about two strikes that literally destroyed the building with a large number of damaging elements, which was captured by the surveillance camera installed on the neighboring building.

Video footage of the arrival of HIMARS missiles is shown for the first time from such a close distance, which makes it possible to assess the real power of such a weapon, which was previously underestimated for unknown reasons. On the video frames, you can see how, as a result of the arrival of two rockets, the debris of the building scatter over a distance of several hundred meters, and now there are two large craters at the site of the building.

What exactly was in the destroyed building is still unknown, however, no evidence of the presence of Russian military, volunteers or military equipment was recorded here, contrary to the statements of the Ukrainian side that the blow was allegedly delivered to the command post.

Judging by the time interval between the two strikes, the attack was carried out using a single mobile launcher.


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