Attacks on Kyiv are inflicted for the third time in a day from several directions at once

For the third time in 24 hours, massive missile strikes are being carried out in Kyiv.

On the territory of the Ukrainian capital, for the third time in a day, massive missile strikes are carried out. Initially, it was reported about the launches of Kh-101 long-range strategic cruise missiles, which were filmed by residents of Kyiv and the surroundings of the Ukrainian capital, later there were shots of strikes with other ammunition, presumably from the southeast direction, and, literally, at that moment another series of attacks was being launched across Kyiv rocket strikes.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moments of strikes on the Ukrainian capital. It is known that strikes fall on various objects of the city, primarily military ones. So, in particular, this morning it became known that one of the strikes was inflicted on the Artyom plant, where the production and modernization of aircraft missiles is carried out, and a little later it became known that some of the strikes were brought down on air defense systems, which , in all likelihood, were activated and themselves began to "attract" anti-radar cruise missiles.

At least three long-range Tu-22 bombers were spotted in Belarusian airspace near the Belarusian-Ukrainian border tonight, but it is not yet known if the latter are linked to the strikes on Kyiv.

In the afternoon, it became known that several cruise missiles were launched from the Black Sea. This indicates the fact that strikes are carried out from different directions.