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APU strikes with AGM-88 missiles linked to the arrival of 12 F-22 fighters in Poland

The strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by American AGM-88 anti-radar missiles coincided with the arrival of American F-22s in Poland.

Against the backdrop of the recent arrival in Poland of American F-22 fighters, as well as the strikes on the Kherson region with cruise anti-radar missiles AGM-88, experts have come to the conclusion that these two events are connected. Assumptions have already been made earlier that the American F-22 will be used on the border of Poland and Ukraine for covert missions, since today it is the most inconspicuous American combat aircraft for radar equipment, however, against the backdrop of AGM-88 missile strikes, this only confirms this version, especially since the American F-22s are capable of launching AGM-88 anti-radar missiles.

At the moment, there are no official statements from Russia, the LPR and the DPR regarding the discovery of the wreckage of the AGM-88 rocket, which has given rise to quite a few versions, the main of which is the direct intervention of the United States with the provision of Ukraine with its combat aircraft and their capabilities.

In the presented photographs, you can see the wreckage of the AGM-88 cruise anti-radar missile found in the Kherson region. Against which targets the missiles were used is not specified, however, given the fact that the missiles are designed to counter radar stations, electronic warfare systems and air defense systems, this is a very serious concern.


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