Capture EgyptAir plane


The hijacker of the "EgyptAir" plane was unarmed and did not want to harm people

In hijacker airliner «EgyptAir» explosives was not.

As noted by international representatives, in the course of the attacker's arrest, hold on board passenger aircraft Airbus A320 several dozen hostages, no explosive devices were found not - both confessed himself "terrorist" for suicide belt he gave the empty covers of mobile phones.

It should be noted that there was a real danger that the on-board aircraft can really be a bomb, although Egyptian authorities initially denied that such a probability, referring to the fact that any air harbor of the country are working in emergency mode.

hijacker surrendered himself to the authorities a few hours ago, at the same time as he said in his first comments after the arrest, attempt to capture the aircraft was on his part a great folly, but in fact, cause harm to the people he had no intentions.


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