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Ukraine announced large-scale military exercises on the border with Crimea

In Ukraine, they decided to hold large-scale military exercises on the border with Crimea.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced a large-scale military exercise on the border with Crimea with live firing from a wide range of missile systems. It is argued that missile strikes will be carried out at the Yagorlyk test site, with the use of the fleet, military aircraft and various types of ground-based missile systems.

At the moment, it is known that the holding of the Ukrainian military exercises is associated with the intentions to demonstrate to neighboring Russia and Belarus the response to the military maneuvers "West-2021". Previously, it was assumed that the exercises would be held from September 9, however, according to the Ukrainian media, due to the fact that about 50 military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fell ill with a severe form of pneumonia, the exercise is likely to be postponed indefinitely.

As of today, it is known that the Ukrainian side intends to practice strikes with Alder multiple launch rocket systems, Neptune missile systems, as well as military aircraft and the Navy of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. Apparently, ground-based missile systems will be fired from the northeastern direction to simulate attacks on Crimea. This indicates that the exercises are provocative.


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