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Ukraine arrested 109 passenger airliners of Russian airlines

109 civil airliners of Russian airlines were arrested by the Ukrainian authorities.

The Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine has seized 109 aircraft of Russian airlines that had previously made flights to the territory of the Crimean Peninsula. Given the willingness of European countries to actively "press" Russia for the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation, in the event these aircraft make flights to the territory of European states, the aircraft may simply not be released from the territory of the airports.

The situation is very extraordinary, and according to the permanent representative of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea under the President of the Russian Federation Georgy Muradov, this can turn into very big problems for Russian business. At the same time, according to Muradov, Russia will immediately take retaliatory measures.

"The statement by the Ukrainian authorities about the virtual arrest of Russian aircraft is not just an attempt on the basic structures of Russian business, but also a thoughtless provocation of Russia to the arrest of numerous property objects of Ukrainian officials and big business in Russia, including Crimea, of which there are many in the republic.", - said Georgy Muradov.

It should be noted that earlier international authorities left Ukraine's appeals without reaction, however, the situation may change.

So you arrested or would like to be arrested? These are two big differences.