Il-76 Air Force of Ukraine
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Ukraine abandoned dozens of its citizens in Afghanistan

Dozens of Ukrainians have been abandoned by Kiev in Afghanistan.

Despite the fact that the Ukrainian side reported that it had removed from Afghanistan all its military specialists and citizens who wished to leave this Middle Eastern state back in June, it became known that several dozen Ukrainian citizens are still in Afghanistan. After the scandal was covered in the media, Kiev suddenly "remembered" the abandoned citizens and sent a plane there, which, reportedly, had already landed at the Kabul airport.

It is known that a few days ago, a Ukrainian Il-76 aircraft removed from Afghanistan helicopter engines and spare parts for the Mi-17 and Mi-35 helicopters of the Afghan Air Force. At the same time, Ukrainian citizens who wished to leave Afghanistan were simply not taken on board. Now the same plane is returning to Afghanistan again. Since the territory of the country is almost completely under the control of the Taliban, the Ukrainian military and mercenaries will no longer be able to take out any equipment, but several dozen citizens may leave Afghanistan.

Official Kiev prefers not to comment on the current situation, as this will definitely affect the reputation of the Ukrainian authorities.

First time or what?
They will immediately remember the Russian language and contact the Russian Embassy ...
There they will not be abandoned, their own, after all))))



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