Ukraine boldly landed several hundred paratroopers on the border with Crimea

Several hundred Ukrainian paratroopers have landed on the border with Crimea.

A few hours ago, near the border with Crimea, the Armed Forces of Ukraine staged another serious provocation, which could well have led to an attack by the Russian military. According to information available to the news agency, several hundred Ukrainian paratroopers were landed near the border with Crimea, covering themselves with ground units. At the same time, the Ukrainian side only later announced that it was about exercises.

“At the observation posts located along the administrative border with the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, a number of trainings were carried out with the use of a reserve. It should be noted that during training, the paratroopers overcame various obstacles and took up positions in difficult terrain. As the commander noted, the experience of participating in the anti-terrorist operation and the operation of the Joint Forces showed that the combat readiness of the unit and the preservation of the lives of fellows depend on the training and personal preparedness of each serviceman. "- reports the press service of the command of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Experts note that the provocative actions of the Ukrainian military can lead to real armed clashes, especially in cases where Ukraine does not declare the planned exercises and any appearance of Ukrainian forces near the borders of Russia can be positioned as an attempt to attack.

parachuted as usual with AH2 as in exercises with NATO, or in a jump with "full gear" accompanied by "trained" instructors of the Square

Ok, the parachute jumpers' attempt is valid, give them a medal and a piece of bacon.

probably they were scared

And now in the media're coming out, they will tell about the feat of the Ukrainian paratroopers ... Perhaps they will give medals ...

"near" is how many kilometers? Not good for the author.

Ukraine trains-stuff for disposal by Russian troops after crossing the Russian border. After that, hand-wringing and screaming of aggression against the most powerful army in Europe will begin.

Quote from the text: "... several hundred were landed near the border with Crimea ..."))
I ask you, through laughter, well, do not give such de-marches a serious attitude. Well, they landed somewhere, well, not at the border, but somewhere nearby ... They will not have time to reach. ))
They do not carry any threat, unlike the last time the Ukrainian Armed Forces deployed a multiple launch rocket system, ostensibly for exercises.