Ukraine wants Poland to shoot down Russian missiles and drones

The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba announced negotiations with Warsaw regarding the possibility of using Polish Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems to cover the western territories of Ukraine. Kuleba emphasized that this would simultaneously protect the territory of Poland from possible attacks by Russian missiles and drones.

The situation remains very ambiguous, since at the moment it is not specified whether the Patriot air defense systems will be deployed directly on the territory of Ukraine or will remain on Polish territory. The deployment of foreign military systems on Ukrainian territory could be seen as a threat to Russia, making these facilities potential targets in the event of escalation.

Kuleba emphasized that such a strategy would help strengthen the defense of not only Ukraine, but also the entire eastern flank of NATO. Thus, Poland, by deploying its air defense systems in the border zone, will be able to prevent possible air threats both for itself and for Ukraine.

However, the minister did not disclose details of the current state of negotiations and specific measures to implement this defense strategy.

Earlier, journalists reported that Polish fighters rising into the sky during strikes transmit target designation about the flight routes of missiles and drones to Ukrainian air defense systems.


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