Ukraine and Turkey signed a secret agreement on Bayraktar TB2 drones

The Ukrainian and Turkish sides signed a secret agreement on Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles.

As it turned out, Turkey undertook to provide Ukraine with its unmanned aerial vehicles unofficially, and, apparently, there could be several such deliveries, as indicated by the corresponding statement.

As follows from the information provided, Baykar provided Ukraine with a whole Bayraktar TB2 complex, which includes a control station and three UAVs. Moreover, it is noted that deliveries will take place in the near future, although not publicly.

“Since May of this year, we have been quietly purchasing the Bayraktar TB2 unmanned strike system, consisting of three UAVs, a ground control station, several dozen corrected ammunition and related basic equipment. To date, this is the fund's largest single deal — $16,5 million raised by thousands of caring Ukrainians. The successful implementation of the first agreement allows us to plan further cooperation. Of course, not in public either. Having examined the production facilities of Baykar, having familiarized myself with the promising projects currently being developed, we can say with confidence that the supply of UAVs for Ukraine should take place in close cooperation with Turkish colleagues - they have something to offer us both today and in the future.”, - said in the published message.

At the moment, the Turkish company Baykar does not comment on the situation, however, such actions by Turkey, which calls itself a Russian partner, cause serious concern.