NATO ships


Ukraine and Turkey allowed NATO ships to enter the Black Sea, bypassing the Montreux Convention

NATO ships will remain in the Black Sea bypassing the Montreux Convention.

Having found the support of Turkey, Ukraine was able to circumvent the Montreux Convention and let NATO warships, which are currently located not far from Crimea, into the waters of the Black Sea. We are talking about the ships of the Greek Navy, the Spanish Navy, the Italian Navy and even the Turkish Navy, despite the rather cooled relations of the latter with NATO.

“Ukraine and NATO agreed to strengthen the presence of the North Atlantic Alliance in the Black Sea region, the corresponding agreement was reached following a conversation between Ukrainian Defense Minister Andrei Taran and the organization’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. “The parties agreed to strengthen the presence of forces and assets on land, sea and in the airspace of the Black Sea region by increasing patrols in the air and the presence of ships of the naval forces of the member countries of the alliance,” the Ukrainian Defense Ministry website said in a statement. During the dialogue, Taran expressed interest in exchanging information on the situation in the region and invited NATO to the exercises planned in the south of Ukraine in autumn 2020. ", - reports the Russian information publication Vzglyad.

In fact, we are talking about a constant change in the duty of NATO ships in this region, which indicates a possible increase in tension in the waters of the Black Sea.

Experts do not exclude that Russia can give its tough answer to such actions, however, at the same time, being a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, Turkey can go on an escalation and close the passage through the Bosphorus, finding any reason for this.

At the moment, the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy are tracking NATO ships located in the western part of the Black Sea.

The United States and the Sultan of Islyamsky agreed on this scenario - the United States will do nothing to turn Sveta Sofia into a jamie, and Turkey and Ukraine will do so, only for zombies in Europe they also give spiritual freedom (for uzhkim / on paper only) Greek priests. So, according to the Treaty !

Should we be afraid?
The Black Sea is a potential grave for enemy ships.
It is half shot from the shore.

And your "fleet" will never drown because it does not sink!

Turkey will not close the Bosphorus because then we will begin supplying missiles to the Kurds.

your formidable / rusty Black Sea Fleet will sink in 6 minutes / from the experience of the formidable Varyag /

As always, we will strongly express our concern.

Is this how Ukraine could get around the Montreux Convention?
The total tonnage of military vessels of non-Black Sea states simultaneously located in the Black Sea (no more than nine vessels) must not exceed 30 thousand tons (or 45 thousand in the event of an increase in the naval forces of the Black Sea countries). The duration of these ships at sea is no more than 21 days. The tonnage of vessels of one non-Black Sea country should not exceed 2/3 of the total tonnage of vessels of these countries located in the Black Sea. These countries must notify Turkey through diplomatic channels of the passage of warships in 15 days.
But is it time to change your name to avia.fake?

When the NATO country shot down our plane, we wiped ourselves out.

There are only four of them, what will we do when we lose two?
Take the caps in your hands and do not throw them.

Why do we need to break through the Bosphorus, why Varshavyanka? Coastal anti-ship complexes cover the entire Black Sea. And attack aircraft will complete a good deed

Yes, these troughs do not need to be drowned from the Crimea, we will get both from the Mediterranean and the Caspian. Let us swim as well.

Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua allowed Russian submarines to enter the Gulf of Mexico for long patrols.

"Ukraine, having found the support of Turkey, was able to circumvent the Montreux Convention and let NATO warships into the waters of the Black Sea"
What a bunch of words. Read before publishing.
"and even the Turkish Navy" Since when have Turkish ships been restricted in the Black Sea?

Comrade Gromyko, thank God, I gave my soul to God a long time ago.

What are they all doing, rattling their iron off our coasts? What are we scared of? What will they do when a couple of Varshavyanki accidentally emerges among these ships?

the closer they are, the more convenient it is to drown them, why is it necessary for these countries?

"For the passage to the Mediterranean, the USSR Black Sea Fleet will need only a couple of volleys of missiles. As a result of this, besides the Bosphorus, there will be two more passes in the Mediterranean, but, alas, there will be no Istanbul." - Comrade Gromyko Andrey Andreevich

We must warn them that they will be sunk, at the first opportunity.