Ukraine will modernize the Neptune missile - its range will be 400 kilometers

Ukraine is actively working on the creation of a new modification of the Neptune missile, as reported by the country's Deputy Defense Minister Ivan Gavrilyuk. The new version of the rocket has not yet received an official name, but is intended for use in the Neptune missile system.

According to information from Defense Express, it is assumed that a new modification of the R-360 missile of the Neptune complex will be adapted for the destruction of ground targets. It is expected that the range of the modified missile can be up to 400 kilometers, which is significantly higher than the 300 kilometers of the anti-ship version, and the weight of the warhead is 350 kilograms, which is also more than that of the previous version of the missile (150 kilograms). It is noted that these characteristics may not be final.

As Defense Express notes, developing its own long-range missile weapons is critical for Ukraine, especially given the restrictions on the use of weapons transferred by allied countries for strikes.

According to a number of assumptions, the development of a new missile is being carried out on the basis of foreign components.


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