Ukraine may receive American GLSDB missiles for Himars MLRS in March

The delivery of GLSDB missiles to Ukraine for the Himars MLRS with a range of up to 160 kilometers may begin in March.

At the moment, the Pentagon is consulting with Boeing on the volume of supplies of such weapons for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time, we are probably talking about a relatively small batch of ammunition, with a total volume of about 200-300 missiles. At the same time, Washington, as before, adheres to the version that such weapons cannot be used on the territory of Russia, which is recognized by the world community.

If the supply of such weapons for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine really takes place, this will create a serious threat to the Russian troops located in the NVO zone, as well as to the northern part of Crimea, since such guided missiles, in addition to having navigation systems, are capable of striking at distances up to 160 kilometers.

Previously, the Russian side has repeatedly warned the West that the supply of weapons to Ukraine with a range of over 160 kilometers will be the crossing of red lines and may prompt Russia to act quite harshly, however, it is obvious that in the United States and European countries they decided not to take the Russian side seriously, since the supply of long-range weapons to Ukraine is still being discussed. At the same time, it has been noticed that the United States no longer announces its supply of most of the weapons to Ukraine, thereby trying to create an effect of surprise.

To date, the most long-range weapons in the possession of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are the Alder MLRS, capable of hitting targets at distances up to 130 kilometers.



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