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Ukraine began to prepare military airfields to receive NATO aircraft

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are busy preparing Ukrainian airfields for the basing of NATO aircraft.

Against the background of a number of NATO statements that the North Atlantic Alliance is ready to provide military assistance to Ukraine, as well as to start basing its drones and combat aircraft on the territory of this country, it became known that the Ukrainian military began to re-equip the runways of military airfields and to build appropriate infrastructure, which may lead to the fact that NATO drones, fighters and bombers will appear on the territory of Ukraine in a few years.

Within the framework of the specialized forum Ukraine 30, a proposal was made to start re-equipping existing airfields for NATO infrastructure, however, on the sidelines it was announced that such work was already being carried out by the Ukrainian military, although no official comments on this matter did not appear.

Experts, in turn, note that NATO is unlikely to allocate additional combat aircraft to Ukraine, however, the Alliance may well provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with its reconnaissance and attack drones, including for striking the Donbas, and also, obviously, to create additional tension on the Russian border.

Not under one ruler of the Russian state, during the existence of NATO troops, these troops have never been so close to the borders of Russia, what is the reason, they have lost fear, or they know the real state of affairs in the state.