Ukraine began using Leopard 2 tanks for defense

According to information from the France Press agency, based on data from the Ukrainian military, Leopard tanks are currently actively used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) to hold the front line. Previously, Kyiv had been actively lobbying for several months for the transfer of these tanks from Germany and other Western countries for the planned counter-offensive.

However, as noted in the publication, the summer offensive of the Ukrainian army did not bring the expected results, and therefore Leopard tanks began to be used in a different capacity. In addition to them, the Ukrainian military also deployed Swedish Strv 122 tanks along the front line. Now these combat vehicles are used not so much for tank attacks, but as artillery installations.

This change in the tactics of using heavy armored vehicles indicates an attempt by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to adapt to the current situation, especially against the backdrop of the active advance of Russian troops in a number of directions.


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