MLRS strike


Ukraine launched an offensive on Donbass along the entire front

The APU launched an offensive along the entire front.

Ukrainian units stationed in eastern Ukraine began an offensive operation in Donbass along the entire front. Information on this matter was officially announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. This indicates that the situation is rapidly spinning out of control, especially since some sectors of the front were open.

“The hot heads of the Kiev regime, apparently feeling complete impunity, are in favor of a military solution to the internal Ukrainian crisis. The situation in the conflict zone is escalating.- said Maria Zakharova, noting that the Kiev authorities are aggravating tensions in the Donbass, and the security forces are conducting offensive operations in some areas.

The night before and this morning, new attacks by the Ukrainian army on the positions of the forces of the self-proclaimed republics were recorded, however, judging by the good fortification of these areas, Kiev is thus making a diversionary maneuver, not allowing the transfer of equipment and weapons to other areas of combat contact.

Experts believe that Russia will be ready to respond to such actions of Kiev by deploying its peacekeeping forces in Donbass.

Fight? The population of the Republics is only a few million. They don't care who comes Russia or Ukraine, just to live in peace. As one of the commentators put it in Shakespeare, "a plague on both your houses."

And they said that the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine would begin before Catholic Christmas. And it began as before. Pidmanula, Pidvela Square.

Happiness to Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Ukraine who have trusted the United States.

Why can't it? They helped Abkhazia, they helped South Ossetia. So really they won't help their Russian-speaking and co-religionists. Since Ukraine violates the Minsk agreements, then others will be able to.

Russia will not fight the Ukrainians, but with the Janissaries it will be the watchdogs of the oligarchs. Do not confuse socialist Ukraine, where the Constitution stated that Ukraine is a state of the whole people. There is no such clause in the Constitution of the Independent. And this is natural. The oligarchs became the owners of Ukraine. Let them fight for their good.

do you want to be taken prisoner?

Russia cannot make any efforts other than those that have already been taken. Donbass, according to the Minsk agreements, is the territory of Ukraine with its own status, and Russia is not at war with Ukraine and the first Russia will definitely not start. In any case, if Donbass wants to remain free, he will have to fight! Ukraine does not recognize this status and does not regard the residents of Donbass as equals. she believes that all residents who do not agree with this Donbass, who do not agree with this should leave the region.

Woe to those who trust the Russian Federation: Armenians, Donetsk people, Moldovans, Ingush, etc.

Breshete, as always, with the Ukrainian offensive, Ukraine would no longer exist! Zelensky is advancing on the couch in his presidential office virtually!

Dear author, do not mislead people with the loud titles of the article, but rather carefully study the statements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Will the Russians really give their lives for the unnecessary war with their former friends, the Ukrainians?

deep concern is when the toilet paper suddenly ran out ...

Better not tell.

George totally agree

Yes, it’s not in 14m! Then everything had to be decided! Now it will be harder, and sorry for the dead!

Deep concern is such a bottomless pit in Russia, which is being expressed deeper and deeper, but it has no bottom or limit ...