Ukraine began negotiations with the United States on the supply of ATACMS missiles

The United States and Ukraine are negotiating the supply of ATACMS tactical missiles.

Ukraine has begun negotiations with the American side regarding the provision of ATACMS missiles for the Himars MLRS in order to be able to deliver operational strikes on the territory of the regions lost within the NWO. According to Bloomberg, Ukraine's key assurance is to refrain from launching long-range missile strikes against Russia in order to avoid provoking an escalation between Washington and Moscow.

“Not because we need to bombard Russian territory, but simply because we need to reach any point on our territory”- said the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States.

At the moment, Washington does not comment on the possibility of supplying tactical missiles to Ukraine, however, there is a very serious risk that long-range missiles for American Himars systems can still be sent to Ukraine, however, it is noteworthy that we are not talking about upgraded versions of ATACMS missiles , but about the basic version of the MGM-140A ATACMS Block 1, which has a range of up to 160 kilometers. This will guarantee to minimize the chance that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will try to attack Russian territory.

Taking into account earlier calls made by US politicians, a decision on deliveries can be made before the end of this month.