Donbass forces


Ukraine began the assault on Donbass

The Ukrainian military began to storm the Donbass.

A few hours ago, the Ukrainian military began an assault on Donbass. At the moment, we are talking about the seizure of settlements located directly in the area of ​​the front-line areas in order to leave the militias without one defensive line and subsequently, with a powerful blow, attack the deep territory of the self-proclaimed republics. The attacks are carried out using artillery and attack unmanned aerial vehicles. As a result, at least two positions of the DPR militias were abandoned, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to capture one of the settlements.

At the disposal of the news agency, it turned out that in a number of directions the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted reconnaissance in force, eliminating at least 6 militias of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, destroying several firing and artillery positions and, (according to so far unconfirmed reports) capturing two representatives of the DPR.

The Ukrainian military was provided with air support, in particular, (according to yet unconfirmed information), the Armed Forces of Ukraine first used the Bayraktar TB2 attack unmanned aerial vehicle in Donbas. Moreover, the latter, in addition to conducting reconnaissance of the area, corrected the fire of the Ukrainian artillery and himself struck at the positions of the militia.

It is reported that the forces of the Armed Forces captured at least one settlement in the so-called "gray zone". However, Kiev denied this information, noting that the Ukrainian military was indeed there, but withdrew.

We finished before we started. He swung it a couple of times - he lowered the bucket. Having fiddled with one small tree, they piled at the pace of sin ...

Russia does not prevent the once prosperous Abkhazia from returning to prosperous Georgia. But apparently the Abkhaz remember that the iir-loving Georgians killed 10 thousand Abkhaz out of 100 thousand, surpassed Hitler.

The question for you personally is, which side of Georgia belongs to Abkhazia and South Ossetia ???

it’s a pity that the internet hasn’t taken away from you yet. But it's a matter of time x))

And that the United States has been quarreling nations for 250 years, calling it a democracy? Is it just a joke that the textbooks were rewritten in Ukraine? And the fact that history has been replaced by almost all the former Soviet republics is normal?

In fact, everything is exactly the opposite.

Tell the President of Chechnya about Chechnya, he will answer all your questions directly without intermediaries. Have Erdogan picked up the mind to the mind ..?

And where is Mrs. Merkel, who appealed to Putin that an urgent truce should be instituted when Donbass militias were marching on Mariupol, but yes, everything is the other way around, the west, under the supervision of the United States, is expanding its boundaries of influence to the east, and that people are killing each other today, grandfathers and fathers, who stood side by side, against the Nazis, they don't give a damn, nothing personal, purely business.

Russia is busy with mud everywhere. She took South Ossetia and Abkhazia from Georgia as a strong man. The once prosperous Abkhazia now lives in poverty. She took Pridnestrovie away from Moldova and the people there are not happy. They took the Donbass away from Ukraine, and there is devastation. Together with the Armenian nationalists, she took away our Karabakh, but they completely destroyed everything there. She covered up these crimes with a funny Minsk group. She motivated all these crimes with the alleged right of self-determination of the people. And when the Chechen people wanted to use this right, they passed in Chechnya with fire and sword. It is Russia that prevents the Armenian and Azerbaijani peoples from living in the world. It is noticeable that the policy of Russia is not to allow the former Soviet republics to develop and that they are at enmity with each other.

You greatly exalt the Ukrainian soldiers. Enter the gray zone and make a nightmare of civilians - they know how.