Transnistrian border


Ukraine begins blockade of Transnistria

Ukraine begins a blockade of the borders of Transnistria.

The territory of the unrecognized Transnistria was blocked not only from Moldova, but also from Ukraine. If earlier it was assumed that the Ukrainian side intends to postpone the ban on the movement of vehicles from the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, then the Ukrainian departments reported that these data do not correspond to reality.

At the moment, the movement of vehicles between Transnistria and Ukraine is carried out as usual, however, the blocking of movement will be introduced in the previously agreed terms.

“Ukrainian customs officials have denied information about the postponement of the ban on the movement of cars with the registration of Transnistria. It was previously noted that permission to enter vehicles from this region without neutral registration numbers and MD stickers will be extended until January 10 next year. Thus, Ukraine is actually on the verge of introducing a transport blockade of Transnistria. Meanwhile, in Odessa they reported that the data on the transfer of the ban on the admission of cars with Transnistrian registration without neutral numbers to participate in the movement between the countries was placed by mistake ", - reports the publication "Reporter".

Experts believe that Ukraine and Moldova are purposefully trying to arrange a blockade of Transnistria, since the President of Moldova actively advocates the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from the region, since in fact, Transnistria is an unrecognized state.

They are doing it right. The unrecognized state is the territory of Moldova .. and "not some kind of Transnistria" .. And we must respect the borders of states and their domestic and foreign policies of these states. Russia undertook obligations in 1994 in Budapest and let it do it.

Have you forgotten how a couple of years ago they got scared of the Russian marines on Deribasovskaya? Don't tease the bear ...

Something similar has already sounded somewhere at the beginning of the year. This will be a gorgeous excuse to repeat the feat of our ancestors, Field Marshal Rumyantsev Zadunaisky, still young generals Suvorov Kutuzov, a talented state. leader Potemkin, move forces from the Crimea, and without stopping to Budapest itself. Read the details yourself from the famous historian Solovyov.

it means that Odessa will soon be OUR



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