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Ukraine hopes to receive JAS-39 Gripen fighters from Sweden

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported ongoing negotiations with Sweden regarding possible supplies of JAS-39 Gripen fighter jets to Ukraine. It is noted that the implementation of this plan depends on a number of issues related to NATO, and will likely occur after Sweden's admission to the alliance. The transfer of fighter jets could weaken Sweden's air defense, which without NATO guarantees is a critical issue for the country.

Sweden, neutral in both world wars, has always taken national security seriously and has developed a strong defense industry. The Swedish armed forces, although small in number, have a high level of mechanization and advanced weaponry.

The Gripen fighter jet is designed to be easy to maintain and capable of taking off from highways, making it versatile in environments where traditional airfields may be destroyed. Ukraine is considering the Gripen as one of the main options to replace the MiG-29 fighters, given the situation it finds itself in in 2022. An important factor is the price of the fighter, which is significantly lower than that of the Eurofighter Typhoon and Dassault Rafale, although higher than that of the F-16 due to the mass production of the latter.

In Sweden there are no comments on this yet.


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