Andrey Rymaruk


Ukraine: They take us in a semi-ring

Russia is building up its military forces near the "Ukrainian borders" explaining this deployment by conducting exercises. At the same time, the DPR and LPR note the strengthening of the Armed Forces groupings in the area of ​​the demarcation line and are preparing to defend their positions.

Ukrainian ex-intelligence officer Andriy Rymaruk, now working for the Come Back Alive charitable foundation, said that such actions testify to the upcoming full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Kremlin's desire to multiply the “captured” territories.

He emphasizes that more and more videos are being posted on the network, which depict the movement of convoys of equipment of the Russian army. For some reason, the ex-intelligence officer does not ask himself why the transfer of equipment occurs completely openly. Of much greater concern would be the secret troop movements.

Andrei Rymaruk noted that the number of military personnel and equipment in the Russian border regions has significantly increased. He is also worried about the joint exercises of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and Belarus, as well as the transfer of military heavy equipment to the Crimean Peninsula.

“They are taking us in a half-ring,” concludes Rymaruk, who asserts that a blow from Russia should be expected “both from the north and from the south”. His reasoning also includes the likelihood of using the territory of Belarus in the offensive. It is strange that in Ukraine they were worried about the transfer of Russian troops, because for 7 years there they openly declared that they were "waging a war with Russia."

The former intelligence officer believes that the Ukrainian General Staff understands the increased threat, therefore, they are considering the possibility of operational mobilization of reservists and transferring troops closer to the republics of Donbass and the borders of the Russian Federation.

Here is a guest and dream that "Moscow" and "Russia" "will not be Slavic .." BUT do not fight!
But something suggests that by getting into the EU "with soap", Ukraine will get to know Arab migrants more closely, almost like Germany and France.)))

Semiring ??? Naive !!! They think they have friends from the West! These "friends" are simply silent until the time begins, they will immediately grab their Earths back for themselves!

In Russia, the Slavic population is decreasing and is being replaced by migrants from the Central Asia of the Caucasus in 30 years, Moscow will not be a Slavic city like Russia

The trouble for Rymaruk and others like him is that they live in the format of 1944 (if not 1914) - in those years, the introduction of army columns and the seizure of territories was something common, when the enemy's land was considered natural legal prey (Prize). The same "Yalta Conference" of 1945 shows the division by Great Britain, the USSR and the USA of the Territories of the defeated Reich and its allies.
Now we are at a different stage in the development of human civilization and occupation is not considered a profitable business - 1) it is necessary to maintain order, take responsibility for the civilian population and apply the "methods of Chinggis Khan" to it. UN countries.
2) It is necessary to somehow organize the supply of food and medicine.
3) Provide Energy Supply
4) invest in loyal organizations and businesses.
These, if necessary, finance their own structures, and there will be no income and technologies from Ukraine, but it will also be necessary to feed the continent of troops to retain influence.
This is despite the fact that even those Ukrainians who doubted that Russia would be a "thief" would see an invader in Russia. WELL AND IT IS NECESSARY FOR RUSSIA AND THE PEOPLE ?!
NO TROOPS RUSSIA SHOULD NOT INTRODUCE AND WILL BE! The "lads" are waiting in vain. But our Armed Forces were trained to influence remotely in Syria.

In politics, in principle, there are no normal people, but in Ukraine this is generally a problem. It seems that Mr. Zelensky really wants to repeat Poroshenko's path =)

This is called provocation, people from the ruling circles of Ukraine are ready to sell their lands for the needs of the war, unleashing some misunderstanding there, just to please their colleagues from the west, who will again shout with one voice about aggression and ask for more sanctions, abandoning all economic projects with Russia (the same northern stream). And like Zelensky / Poroshenko, they promise a warm place in another country.

In fact, Kiev was the first to openly declared its readiness to return Crimea by force. The guys from Kiev were the first to rattle weapons and call NATO for help. And when they realized that their threats were taken seriously, they immediately yelled that Russia was pulling troops to the border with Ukraine. Abnormal.