Lukashenko's plane


Ukraine did not let Lukashenka's plane into its airspace

Lukashenko's plane had to fly over the territory of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian aviation services did not let the plane of the President of Belarus into the airspace of the country, forcing him to make a significant detour on the way to Sochi. One of the reasons for this is the harsh statements of the Belarusian president to the official Kiev, and this is not the first time such a situation has been observed.

On the presented flight diagram of the presidential board, you can see that Lukashenko's plane could well have passed through the airspace of Ukraine, without even touching the airspace of Crimea (Belarus does not officially recognize the entry of Crimea into Russia - ed.), However, judging by the opinions of analysts, Lukashenka’s board was simply not allowed into the country's airspace.

It should be noted that today in Sochi a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with Lukashenko is to take place, during which, according to official data, the leaders of the two countries will have to discuss security issues of the Union State, however, according to unofficial data, the arrival of Alexander Lukashenko in Russia is connected with intentions to ask for another loan - according to the Belarusian media, we are talking about the amount of $ 3 billion.

Victor, respect and respect for an honest comment !!!

Who is interested in the opinion of the Nazi authorities in Ukraine after their ban on the Russian language and the illegal closure of opposition TV channels? Now Lukashenka will stop selling oil and oil products to Ukraine - they will immediately shout: "What about us?"

Completely FOR these words

Does the whole of Belarus dream of Lukashenka's departure? In my opinion, you present your desires as the desires of the majority. And so less than 1% of the population buzzed ... and immediately howled how the authorities began to throw them around)

Of course, losing elections is not his style.
And the fact that there will be mass protests, he clearly does not like.
But you have to feel what it means to be unrecognized in the international community.
The only friend and partner is only Russia.
Ukraine, with which maybe a year or two ago there were relatively good relations, now it has turned its back.
What can we say about Europe.

What an absurd verse!

All Belarus dreams of him leaving.

We will not forgive crimes against the Belarusian people!

Game wrote full.

There are many problems in Belarus today,
That they did not dare for a long time, unfortunately;
Someone managed to get bored with Lukashenka
For a quarter of a century of his reign.

The merits of the "Old Man", however, also cannot be taken away:
He saved factories from ruin,
I managed to raise the agricultural economy in the country,
Richer, better made the life of the people.

Lukashenka made many mistakes,
Choked both opposition and press,
But he did not allow robbing his homeland,
Fighting for Belarus interests.

Of course, you can speak with indignation,
That "Old Man" power is "cruel and vicious"
But to humiliate Belarus, to ruin
He will not allow it for sure.

To avoid devastation in Belarus,
Lukashenka should be actively supported.

Mr. L-ko, offended, recognizes the Crimea. That's all.
Messrs. Ukrainians are original as always.