Ukraine accused Russia of stealing technology in the development of the Su-75 "Checkmate" fighter

In Ukraine, they decided to accuse Russia of stealing technology when creating the Su-75 Checkmate fighter.

The project of the newest Russian fifth-generation light fighter Su-75 Checkmate was implemented, according to the Ukrainian side, thanks to theft of technology and industrial espionage. Similar accusations against Russia were voiced in an interview with the ex-head of the Ukrainian corporation "Antonov" Alexander Los.

The accusations of the Ukrainian side are very interesting in the sense that, according to Los, Russia stole Soviet-era technology, since the Su-75 is a modernized Soviet MiG-21. At the same time, the modern concept was taken from the United States.

“Apparently, at the Sukhoi Design Bureau, someone still loves American aircraft of the 90s and Checkmate has absolutely similar solutions for the aerodynamic layout. It is based on the Northrop MRF-90E American concept of the 54s, which was the forerunner and was developed in parallel with the YF-23, a competitor to the F-22. " That is, in fairly simple terms, this is a MiG-21 with stealth, electronic systems and high-precision weapons. The modern quintessence of the development of weapons systems is integration into a digital battlefield with distributed sensors and weapons, when everything works in a single complex. ", - reports the publication "Defense Express", citing the words of Alexander Los.

The accusations of the Ukrainian side are more than strange, since if there are any similarities between Russian and Western aircraft, then they are very insignificant, not to mention the fact that technically they are completely different fighters.

“Comparison of the Su-75 with the Soviet MiG-21 is completely unfounded, since from the real similarity, it is only the presence of an air intake. Based on this logic, we can say that the Su-75 is a copy of the Airbus A380, since the aircraft have wings. ", - the analyst notes.

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Show the Chinese. If under the USSR, then it's like a divorce. Did you develop whose design bureau? Ukraine created the project on its own? I don’t believe. We can’t even imagine how many research institutes and design bureaus developed both here and here. From the idea to the project, how much time and effort it takes. Bench tests, project approval and all documentation were sent to Moscow for approval.

A Ukrainian aircraft designer, today it sounds like a Haitian nuclear physicist.

The Vietnamese made a similar statement about the S-500, which was also funny.

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