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Ukraine accuses Russia of "provocation against the artillery boats of the Ukrainian Navy"

Ukraine again accuses Russia of a provocation at sea, this time against its small armored artillery boats (MBAK). A similar entry was made on Facebook by Andrey Klimenko, editor-in-chief of BlackSeaNews.

According to Klimenko, on the night of April 15, 2021, five Russian boats from the location of the Coast Guard of the FSB of the Russian Federation staged a provocation against three Ukrainian MBAKs located in the water area of ​​the Azov Sea 25 miles from the Kerch Strait.

Klimenko noted that the Russian boats "staged provocative maneuvers" next to the Ukrainian MBAK. Commands for "coordinated provocative maneuvers" were given from the FSB Coast Guard ship, which was on the sidelines.

How other provocations were manifested, Klimenko did not explain, but in response to threats from Russian boats, the Ukrainians "had to warn about the use of weapons."

By decree. There was no official statement about provocations at sea by the Ukrainian Navy. This Facebook post aims to further fuel the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Its author wants to show the West how “bad Russians” offend “good Ukrainians” who are simply escorting merchant ships.

Such publications reflect Ukraine's desire to accuse the Russian Federation of preparing an "attack" and to show that even under pressure from the West, Moscow is not going to abandon its provocative actions.


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