Ukraine was involved in a powerful explosion in Lebanon

Ukraine was recognized as one of the culprits of the powerful explosion in Lebanon.

The Ukrainian businessman was involved in a powerful explosion in the Lebanese capital last year, as a result of which most of the Lebanese port was destroyed by a powerful blast wave.

As part of the investigation, it was established that the owner of the nitrate fertilizers, which, under still emerging circumstances, detonated at one of the warehouses of the Beirut port, is Ukrainian businessman Vladimir Verbonol. It was a Ukrainian businessman who previously acquired a large batch of nitrate fertilizers in Georgia for subsequent resale to Mozambique, however, the cargo never reached the buyer, because it was confiscated in Lebanon for debts. As a result, he was in the warehouse for over seven years.

The involvement of Ukraine, of course, is indirect, however, given the fact that information about the dangerous cargo stored in the warehouse is available, the information could well have been used by the special services or members of terrorist groups and thus arrange this explosion.

According to official figures, as a result of a powerful explosion that shook almost the entire capital of Lebanon, 207 people were killed, more than 7000 were injured, and about 60 more are missing.

It is necessary to shout at all corners that Ukraine is obliged to compensate for the damage.