Ukraine finally broke the legendary An-225 Mriya aircraft

In Ukraine, the legendary An-225 Mriya aircraft was finally broken.

Footage from a video released by the Ukrainian military shows Gostomel Airport and the same hangar where the An-225 Mriya aircraft was damaged. As it turned out, in a year the Ukrainian military not only failed to start work on the restoration of this legendary aircraft, but also managed to break the plane, as evidenced by the broken elements of its fuselage, simply abandoned in the open air.

In the pictures you can see that part of the side was dismantled, however, the elements of the aircraft were simply thrown right next to the hangar, which, in the current weather, clearly does not contribute to their preservation. Moreover, in the pictures you can see that the aircraft was additionally partially dismantled, but not completely covered. This, in turn, calls into question the fact that this board can ever be restored at all, which was actively announced earlier in Kyiv.

The An-225 Mriya is the world's largest cargo aircraft, developed in the USSR in the 1980s to transport bulky cargo and space components. Its carrying capacity is up to 250 tons, and the maximum flight range is about 15 km. The aircraft has six engines located on the wings and two fairings at the ends of the wings. The total length of the Mriya is almost 000 meters, the wingspan is over 84 meters, and the height is about 88 meters.


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