Ukraine deployed eight MLRS "Smerch" and "Hurricane" to Donbass

The Ukrainian military deployed 8 heavy multiple rocket launchers to the Donbass.

The Ukrainian military sent additional heavy rocket artillery to the Donbass. At the moment, the information and news agency has information that we are talking about two Uragan MLRS and six Smerch MLRS. This fact confirms that Kiev is preparing for a full-scale armed conflict in the region. At the same time, given the lack of countermeasures in service with the DPR and LPR, the situation in the Donbass can be simply catastrophic.

Information about the transfer of several Smerch MLRS to the Donbass appeared a few days ago, however, the exact number of multiple rocket launchers was not called. However, given the information provided, there is a very serious risk that the Armed Forces of Ukraine could strike at the deployment sites of military equipment of the DPR and LPR militia, since the latter was discovered by American and British military reconnaissance aircraft, which over the past month almost daily fly over the Donbass.

One multiple launch rocket system "Smerch" can cover an area of ​​almost 1 square kilometer in one gulp. In the event of a large-scale strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this can lead to colossal destruction and losses. The Russian Pantsir-S air defense missile systems or the Mercury systems could well repel the attacks of the MLRS in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, however, such weapons are not in service with the self-proclaimed republics.

Nothing was moved to the Donbass. There are no people in the Donbass and it is physically difficult to move anything there

Of course you can. They have long been shelling the recalcitrant. Civilians are suffering.

Well, on your own, yes. But behind the line, that is. already on the territory of the so-called DPR / LPR no)

The almost continuous supply of weapons by NATO countries to Ukraine poses a serious threat to the fragile peace in this region. A country with an unstable political system, with large groups of outright Nazis, can explode at any moment with unpredictable consequences both for itself and for its immediate neighbors. The actions of the NATO members look like this and are calculated. The United States really needs a war in Europe to solve domestic and global problems. There is no understanding in the Ukrainian leadership, both current and previous, that they simply want to sacrifice their country for someone else's geopolitical ambitions.

So they can deploy troops on their territory wherever they want, or are they not allowed?



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