Cruise missile


Ukraine showed a warhead capable of destroying the Crimean bridge

The Ukrainian military created a warhead capable of destroying the Crimean bridge.

The development, successful testing and adoption of the Ukrainian Neptune cruise missile has led designers from the Luch design bureau to present the latest homing warhead, which, as the Western media is positioning it, poses a threat to the existence of the Crimean Bridge.

“The combined active radar homing head has viewing angles of +/- 60 degrees (this is a very high indicator), can recognize and capture targets at a distance of 50 kilometers and withstand radar interference caused by opponents. It’s precisely Neptune cruise missiles, according to Alexander Turchinov, that are weapons that can not only destroy Russian ships of any class, but also “within a few minutes” to demolish the bridge across the Kerch Strait. ”, - reports the publication ""

Specialists, in turn, do not see the real threat posed by the Ukrainian Neptune cruise missile, believing that all the arguments of Ukraine and the West regarding the destructive power of this missile are absolutely groundless.

“This is an ordinary cruise subsonic missile, which is, in fact, a redesigned Soviet cruise missile, with slightly improved characteristics”- notes the specialist

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