Ukraine gained access to the Russian aerospace forces bases in Crimea. What does this threaten?

Ukraine reported "full control" over the Russian Air Force bases in Crimea.

The information publication Defense Express reports that the Ukrainian military gained control of the Russian military airbases in Crimea and in the regions bordering Ukraine. This was achieved through the use of space technology, namely satellite devices, which monitor the Russian military bases deployed on the territory of Crimea.

“The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, in cooperation with the Civil Aviation Administration of Ukraine, performs the tasks of obtaining operational satellite images from the ATO zone. It is known that space enterprises in the framework of the State Target Scientific and Technical Space Program of Ukraine for 2008-2012. the Sich-2 national Earth remote sensing satellite was created and put into orbit with a resolution of on-board equipment of up to 8,2 m. Information from this satellite was provided to interested ministries and departments of Ukraine. But today, the operation of the Sich-2 spacecraft for its intended purpose has been discontinued due to the expiration date of critical types of satellite equipment. In Ukraine, the promising Sich-2M spacecraft is being developed, which will be equipped with equipment with a resolution of 2,5 m. ", - сообщает Defense Express Edition.

According to the Ukrainian military, at the moment full control is also being exercised over the bases of the Russian air forces in the Crimea.

Nevertheless, experts note that in reality, Ukraine has very few current capabilities to control the air bases of the Russian air forces.

“Satellite photographs do not allow disclosing any secret information about any military objects, especially since the Russian military possesses data on the passage of any spacecraft over a certain territory. In addition, it is important to understand that with the frequency of satellite passes, it is impossible to obtain operational data, and even if for some reason the Ukrainian military manages to capture even important sensitive information, what measures can Kiev take, realizing that we are talking about Russian territory, which has one of the most developed air defense infrastructures? Now, for a small sum, anyone can get access to satellite images, but this does not give real practicality ”, - the analyst notes.

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A typo crept in "Ukraine reported" full control "of the Russian aerospace forces in the Crimea," read: "Ukraine reported" full control "of the Russian aerospace forces in the Crimea.

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