Ukraine received 173 T-74 tanks from an African country

Ukrainian resources report the delivery of almost six battalions of T-74 tanks by an African country.

According to Ukrainian sources, during the negotiations between Ukraine and Morocco, the African state decided to transfer to the Armed Forces of Ukraine 173 T-74 tanks (a modernized version of the tank for the needs of the Moroccan Armed Forces), which is enough to form almost six tank battalions. At the moment, the Ukrainian side has already received 70 combat vehicles of this type, while the transfer of another hundred tanks requires some time. This, according to preliminary data, is due to the need for their repair and maintenance.

“Trukhin flew to Morocco and convinced the Moroccans to “divorce” Russia and Belarus. We already have the first batch of 70 tanks", - reports the "Telegram" channel "Ukraine Now".

So far, no official statements on this subject have been made by Morocco, however, this African country has previously categorically denied the direct supply of weapons to Ukraine, noting, however, that the supplies were made to European countries that sold it to Ukraine, for which Morocco is responsible does not carry.


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