Ukraine received GLSDB missiles from the US despite Russia's "red lines"

The Pentagon reported on the delivery of long-range missiles to Ukraine for HIMARS systems.

The United States announced the delivery of long-range missiles for HIMARS systems to Ukraine. The delivery of these weapons took place, despite the warnings of Russia. Now this does not exclude retaliatory measures from Moscow and increased strikes on facilities used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as on Ukraine's energy infrastructure facilities.

It is known that the United States provided Ukraine with long-range guided missiles. Their type is not officially named, however, as previously reported, the Pentagon agreed on the supply of GLSDB missiles to Ukraine, which are capable of delivering strikes at distances up to 150-170 kilometers, which pose a very serious danger. Remarkably, a number of sources report that the missiles have already arrived on the territory of Ukraine and have been here for about a week - their use has not been recorded, however, this may be due to the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not yet have the skills to use such weapons.

How serious a threat GLSDB ammunition can pose, and how effective Russian air defense systems will be against them, is still unknown. However, taking into account the range of such missiles, the Armed Forces of Ukraine get the opportunity to strike at any point on the territory of Donbass, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, as well as on part of the territory of Crimea.


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