Ukraine will receive 9 newest Czech DITA howitzers

The Dutch Ministry of Defense has announced an order for the latest Czech DITA howitzers for Ukraine, reflecting growing support for Kyiv amid the ongoing conflict.

“Ukraine needs these weapons. That is why the Netherlands recently ordered nine of these howitzers for Ukraine.”, – noted in the official statement of the ministry.

The move underscores the depth of the Netherlands' involvement in military support for Ukraine.

In addition to the DITA howitzers, the Netherlands previously ordered 100 MP-2 anti-aircraft guns from the Czech Republic and, in cooperation with the United States and Denmark, initiated the modernization of 100 T-72 battle tanks, indicating a large-scale intervention in the conflict. General Onno Eichelsheim, commander of the Dutch Armed Forces, personally visited the arms factories.

In addition to military support, the Netherlands also plans to sign a 10-year security agreement with Ukraine.


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