Ukraine will receive American GLSDB only in 2024

Western media are reporting a delay in deliveries to Ukraine of the promised long-range GLSDB bombs, capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 160 km. These precision-guided bombs, equipped with special fins, are designed to be launched from ground-based strike systems, including HIMARS systems.

It is reported that, despite Washington's approval of the supply of these weapons, the actual delivery of the GLSDB to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) is delayed until 2024. Before the bombs are transferred to Ukraine, they will undergo initial testing for 3-4 months at one of the US test sites, which will be the initial installation delivery from the manufacturing plant.

The contract for the supply of GLSDB to Ukraine was concluded with the participation of the American military department in March 2023. However, the exact number of bombs that will ultimately be at the disposal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has not been specified at the moment.

The announcement follows the recent US announcement of a new military aid package to Ukraine, which includes additional missiles for the Hymers and one launcher.


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