Ukraine will receive 2000 kamikaze drones from France

The French Ministry of Defense has announced its intention to order two thousand loitering munitions, also known as kamikaze drones, for the needs of the country's armed forces and for shipment to Ukraine. This statement came from the head of the defense department, Sebastien Lecornu, who emphasized Paris's desire to strengthen its military support for Kyiv in the current conflict.

The first batch of 100 remotely controlled munitions ordered from Delair is expected in Ukraine this summer, Lecornu said. This move by France is part of a broader plan to provide additional military assistance to Ukraine, the volume of which was estimated at three billion euros in February this year.

However, Paris' decision to provide large-scale military support to Kyiv is causing a mixed reaction within the country. In particular, the leader of the French Patriots party, Florian Philippot, criticizes the actions of President Macron, pointing out the potential damage to French citizens due to the need to look for ways to save money to finance assistance to Ukraine.


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