US Navy


Ukraine proposes to place US and NATO warships near the Crimea

Ukraine is going to register the US Navy and NATO ships in the Black Sea.

Ukraine plans to build a military base in the Black Sea to permanently deploy naval ships of the United States and NATO. The appearance of a naval base in the Black Sea will allow the United States and NATO to circumvent the so-called Montreux Convention, and significantly increase the political and military pressure on Russia.

“So why can't we create the same naval base?” We already have a command post near Nikolayev, but this is not enough. We need a base on which we could permanently place ships (US and NATO - approx. Ed.) Without problems with the duration of their stay in the Black Sea, because they will be assigned to the base ”, - said Yevgeny Lupakov, the captain of the first rank of the Ukrainian Navy in retirement.

According to analysts, Ukraine may well act in this way, and Ukraine itself, and its partners from the United States and NATO, will benefit from this, since, in fact, warships will constantly reside a few hundred kilometers from the Crimea, from the point of view of specialists , there will be no real violations of the Montreux Convention, while entire carrier strike groups may well enter the Black Sea. Nevertheless, Russia can make a reciprocal step, and significantly strengthen its military presence in the Black Sea, which will obviously create a lot of problems for NATO, and therefore, such a proposal is irrelevant.

And who will pay Ukrainian debilism?



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