Armata tank


Ukraine has presented Russia with the rights to the T-14 Armata tank

In Ukraine, announced the development of the Russian T-14 Armata.

The Ukrainian side decided to ascribe to itself the history of the development and creation of the newest Russian heavy tank T-14 Armata, despite the fact that this combat vehicle is considered an exclusive development of the Russian military. According to Ukrainian media, the Russian tank was created not only with the participation of Ukrainian designers and developers, but also was created on the territory of Kharkov.

“The project was developed already in independent Ukraine under the name Object 477A1 (A2):“ Note ”. It was even implemented in metal in two versions - with the chassis, the same type of T-80 (A1), and the same type of T-64 (A2). However, then in the early 2000s, all types of Russian-Ukrainian military cooperation began to abruptly collapse, and the Ukrainian “effective managers” project finally stopped the Nota project in Kharkov. There is practically no information on it in open sources today. It seems that Russian designers continued the development of the topic, as a result of which the Armata platform and the T-2017 tank appeared in 14, but it’s clear that both of them are a direct continuation of Object 477A1 “Note”, the author does not undertake - he does not have direct confirmations ”, - about it сообщает information publication "", publishing the corresponding article entitled "Project" 450 ". How the idea of ​​the T-14 Armata tank was born in Kharkov. ”

Experts call such arguments unfounded and note that they have nothing to do with reality, believing that this is just another conjecture.

“Today in the world there is nothing similar to the Russian“ Armata ”. This combat vehicle was developed almost from scratch, and therefore statements that the development of the prototype T-14 Armata began in Ukraine make no sense. ”, - the expert has declared.

I remember when it was the premiere of this tank at the parade, ukry with foam at the mouth proved that it was golem cardboard. This means they were developing a cardboard tank!

And what! They dug up the Black Sea!