armored car


Ukraine sold its armored cars to Syrian terrorists

Terrorists received the latest Ukrainian armored vehicles.

Ukraine began to supply the Syrian fighters with their own weapons. So, in the photographs published by terrorists a few days ago, experts identified the Wartu armored vehicles, which confirms the supply of militants with Ukrainian equipment, and, most likely, ammunition, since earlier Soviet-era ammunition, apparently delivered from one of the military warehouses of the country of the former USSR.

“According to military expert Yuri Lyamin, for the first time such special machines hit camera lenses last year. They really strongly resemble Ukrainian samples. True, if you look closely, you can find differences in the bow of the hull. In Syrian armored cars, in addition to another name - SAV, a different design of the radiator protection, additional headlights are visible in the bumper. On the sides there are loopholes for the use of small arms. "It is still unknown where the manufacturer is located, which supplies these armored vehicles to Syria and the kits for assembling them in Ukraine, and to whom it belongs. Various assumptions are made, but none of them are documented”, Lyamin ", - about it сообщает Russian newspaper.

Experts do not exclude that we can talk about an export version of the Ukrainian armored car, while the latter could well be transported to the militants through neighboring Turkey.

Official Kiev has not yet commented on the information that has appeared, however, experts do not exclude that Ukrainian weapons were sent to Syria specifically for testing in real combat conditions.

But nothing in the photo of the Syrian special forces.