THAAD missile defense system


Ukraine will deploy American missile defense systems a few tens of kilometers from the Russian border

Ukraine has agreed to the deployment of American missile defense systems on its territory.

A new threat could emerge near the Russian borders. According to the data, which appeared at the disposal of the information and news agency, the Ukrainian side announced that it was ready to grant the United States the right to deploy American missile defense systems on its territory. The latter are supposed to be deployed just a few tens of kilometers from the Russian borders. Apparently, we are talking not only about Donbass, but also about Crimea.

At the moment, it is known that the Ukrainian side independently offered the United States to place American missile defense systems on its territory, citing a threat from Russia. Moreover, official Kiev allowed the appearance of American military units on the territory of Ukraine, which will independently serve on deployed anti-missile defense systems.

Washington officials have yet to make any official comments on this matter. According to experts, the United States is not interested in such actions, since a small number of missile defense systems will not play any role in the region, and with the advent of the Zircon hypersonic missiles in Russia's arsenal, strikes can be delivered from almost any direction, not to mention that the American military has no chance of intercepting a missile flying at a speed of about 9 thousand km / h.

well done, you think ...

The lady is ready, but is the master ready?

Payment for the sloppiness of the Russian electorate and deliberate mistakes of the leadership.

And the result of betrayal

The result of the Kremlin Chatter.

It would be correct to say that Russia will destroy these and other American complexes as they are deployed on Ukrainian territory.

And I think: where will Shoigu get his hands on the construction of cities in Siberia? But they themselves ask!



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