Ukraine has developed its own planning and correction modules for aerial bombs

Ukraine is actively working on creating its own planning and correction module for aerial bombs, which will significantly increase their effectiveness. This was stated by the head of the Air Command “Center” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergei Golubtsov. The development should enter the testing phase in the coming weeks.

According to Golubtsov, the new planning and correction module will make it possible to convert the free-fall aerial bombs available to the Ukrainian Armed Forces into controlled ones. This will enable Ukrainian aviation to use bombs with high accuracy without entering the range of Russian air defense, which will significantly increase their combat effectiveness.

“The work is already underway, in two weeks the product will be tested”, said the general.

According to some reports, Ukraine currently uses about 100–300 foreign precision-guided bombs per month, while Russia uses about 3 thousand. The key reason for Kyiv's backwardness is the lack of aircraft.


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