Ukrainian Air Force


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Ukrainian politicians are calling for an attack on Russia and are preparing a parade for the capture of Moscow.

Ukrainian politician Taras Chornovol said it was necessary to attack Russia as a potential aggressor, against the background of which propaganda materials and “demotivators” began to appear on the net, depicting the holding of a military parade of Ukraine on Red Square in Moscow. According to analysts, Kiev is beginning to walk dangerously along the red line, the intersection of which can lead to the most negative consequences for Ukraine.

Despite loud statements, political scientists and experts say that this is only about propaganda, which has nothing in common with reality.

“You should not even talk about this topic. Behind the chatter of Ukrainian politicians there are neither concrete plans, nor even any hypothetical calculations of practical actions. There will be no attempts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to invade the territory of the Russian Federation. Dangerous terrorist threat. But the Armed Forces are not engaged in the solution of this problem. ”- said political analyst Alexander Dudchak in an interview with the publication "Free Press".

Analysts emphasize that the Ukrainian army suffices exactly to maintain its own borders, while in the air force of this country "Going to the utmost mess".

“Soon everyone will get used to the statements of Kiev. What kind of strongest army in the world spoke Poroshenko, if in the Ukrainian Air Force, consisting of “one and a half airplanes”, a mess is going on? Obviously, loud statements are connected with the upcoming elections, and thus politicians are only trying to earn money on their rating. ”, - said the specialist

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