Ukraine NATO


Ukraine is going to join NATO

Ukraine can become a new member of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Despite the fact that hostilities are ongoing in Ukraine, Turkey spoke in favor of Ukraine's admission to NATO. The information follows from the joint declaration made public at the meeting of the leaders of Turkey and Ukraine.

"To express support for the prospect of Ukraine's membership in NATO, in particular its intentions to receive an action plan on membership in the near future," the declaration says.

Experts draw attention to the fact that Ukraine's accession to NATO can lead to rather serious problems for Russia in this region, since with a great degree of probability the North Atlantic Alliance will not only strengthen its presence in the region, but can also lead to the fact that NATO ships and will be able to permanently stay near the Russian territorial waters.

It is noteworthy that earlier NATO announced its readiness to constantly send its warships into the waters of the Black Sea, without violating the Montreux convention and performing rotation in accordance with the terms.

Experts note that today Ukraine cannot even be used as an ally, since the country does not have any resources.

You can talk as much as you like about Ukraine's joining NATO, and with it Georgia and Moldova, but all this will remain words and assurances of support. After expanding to the East, NATO has become just a bunch of computer jumpers, which in reality are nothing of themselves. What did NATO gain from accepting former members of the Warsaw Pact into its membership? Problems with rearmament, complete retraining of combat tactics. Change in the composition of troops and the transition to a different form of formation. All this led to the fact that the old forms of formation were destroyed, and new ones were never created due to the unsuitability of these forms for these units and because of their geographic location. The weapons are even worse. The transition to NATO standards is very difficult financially. And for small countries it is simply not possible. Thus, in economically poorly developed countries, if they had their own troops for defense, then after joining NATO they simply disappeared. This means that other members of the alliance have new concerns for the protection and protection of these members, and who wants to die for a neighbor who is not able to defend themselves. And then there are new members, but together with their territorial problems, and claims to Russia, whose Armed Forces actually surpass all NATO troops both in armament and quantity, as well as in training. Why NATO problems when you can just live puffing out your cheeks and protruding your chest posing as a fearsome superman. At the same time, without harming yourself. So NATO will assure, promise, admonish Ukraine of their full support, but in reality they will keep them at a respectful distance.

The most authoritative military magazine in the world that oversees the interests of US military security and has influence in the US "NATIONAL INTERST" (NI) recently published this information in April 2021:
- "..." Tempting fate because of Ukraine is too big a risk and too little potential benefit for the United States, "
- quotes the National Interest publication Lawson's opinion. He reminds that Ukraine's entry into NATO will become a threat to the security of the Russian Federation. To understand this, the Americans can imagine the situation as if Russia or China made an alliance with Mexico and deployed their weapons on its territory. Therefore, the preservation of the question of Ukraine's membership in NATO is a serious geopolitical mistake of the United States ... "

Apart from the notorious Article 5 of the NATO Charter, which does not approve of the entry into the Alliance of Countries with territorial claims or those in a state of war, after the opinion of "NI" there is hardly anyone in the United States who will seriously contribute to Ukraine's entry into NATO.

I have information from knowledgeable and reliable sources reporting that Ukraine was given the green light to join NATO (OTAN) in the spring of 2022, somewhere in the middle of March 2022. This decision was made at a closed meeting of the NATO Council in Brussels on April 13, 2021. The details of this information leak will be announced a little later, at the end of this week. So Ukraine and Ukrainians can arrange a holiday and fireworks on the streets of cities in honor of this event, not without reason! And Russia should lag behind and leave alone Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, the train, as they say, has left, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus are next in line to become NATO members after Lukashenko left after the adoption of the new Constitution at the end of this of the year. We have to report hard and sad news for the Russians and Russia.

Day X has come, when volitional decisions are required. But NATO will not help Ukraine resolve their issues, and not because of love for Russia, but because everyone is used to the fact that Russia is extremely sluggish and mildly responding to attacks, but now this is essentially not important for Russia.
If "Turkey is in favor of Ukraine's admission to NATO."
Then Russia can speak out about the creation of a conference on the education of Kurdistan and Armenia before Ararat))))

Wants but cannot

It is more likely that Turkey is simply bargaining ... Not trusting Ukraine's solvency, it offers goods and support to NATO for similar concessions: pieces of Crimea, Odessa ... In the likely disintegration of Ukraine, many are trying to book pieces for themselves

The NATO Charter will not allow accepting states with unresolved territorial problems, and Ruin will not be able to solve them in the next 200 years.