Mine explosion


Ukraine is going to sink Russian ships with sea mines

Ukraine began the deployment of marine minefields in the Sea of ​​Azov.

As follows from the information provided by the press service of the Operation of the Joint Forces, Ukrainian naval officers worked out the mining of the Sea of ​​Azov. The purpose of the mining of the Sea of ​​Azov was not specifically specified, however, taking into account the fact that in this direction Ukraine borders only with Russia, obviously we can talk about creating minefields specifically for the Russian Navy ships.

“According to the combat training plan with the naval and boat composition of the Triton tactical group, which is part of the Joint Forces, an algorithm of calculation actions for loading sea bottom mines on the ship has been worked out. The event began with a theoretical lesson with the subsequent adoption of tests, as well as the preparation of standards. After lunch, the crew of the small armored artillery boat “Lubny” completed the practical implementation of the combat exercise of loading sea bottom mines onto a ship, securing them on deck and putting combat mines in readiness ”, the Environmental Protection Agency said in a statement.

The reason for this could be a recent incident with the Russian warship approaching the territorial waters of Ukraine, which was previously reported, however, due to the lack of any clarifications, today there are no other versions.

And no one says that Russia has no problems in the Navy and in other troops.
There are many.
But to say that there is no fleet is as stupid as to say that there are no problems. Who says that, he is obviously a clown like Zelensky and other maydaunov.

The “Guest” -Atlant in Nikolaev needs to be sold, because our fleet does not need “killer aircraft carriers”, since our main MENTION-AGE enemy of Russia since the 12th century, but it hasn’t, has not (“Kuzya” is not an aircraft carrier, but an aircraft carrier cruiser his life was not a combat unit) and for another 20-30 years there will be no aircraft carriers. You better tell me whether they are already producing SERIES of "past state acceptance" on "Saturn" ship gas-turbine engine M75 7000l.s. and M70 14000hp, which “by import substitution” were supposed to be delivered in 2018? And is there even at least one “import-replaced gas turbine engine” on even one ship? Project 2250 frigates have choked for several years without Ukrainian gas turbine engines, but what will the old Ukrainian gas turbine engines put on your Atlantes from other ships? Sevmash GTD does not produce !!! And hello there to our agent-ship "Kuze" - he perfectly spends the treasury of a terrorist country.

At the moment, the cruiser is undergoing repairs in Sevastopol, where it is planned to restore its driving performance. Further, in 2020, Atlant will be under its own power to make the transition to Severodvinsk, where it will face serious modernization. The shipbuilders themselves consider its beginning right now impossible, since the design department is currently fully occupied by the frigates of project 22350M, and creating a sketch will take at least a year. But after 2021, the Black Sea Fleet will receive an updated and much more powerful flagship than it had before.

By the way, how is the "Ukraine" doing in Nikolaev. They say 95% readiness. For about 30 years now. Also Atlas.

Listen, tell me better what kind of “order” = the BADAC in your fleet grew: how on January 6, 2020 the BOSSOR flew to the rocks - “KILLER AVIANOSTSEV” cruiser of the “Atlant” project called “Marshal Ustinov” - the whole world laughed like tugs accompanying him (and without tugs, he cannot "kill aircraft carriers") dragged him and even the Orsk BDK from the stones !!! And the same “killer of aircraft carriers” of the same project, the cruiser “Moscow” has been in Sevastopol for 3 years now, it has barked at the energy gas turbines that Ukraine has been producing and has not sold in rush for 5 years, and such rush = such doesn’t do it. So you “put things in order” with your fleet = scrap metal, and remember “Kuzyu” - a shame for the whole world !!!

Sooner ... I can’t wait for the powerful ancient ukry to do something serious. And then the clowning does not pull on a normal occasion to restore order in the South Russian lands.