Rocket Lightning


Ukraine created and showed its own hypersonic missile. Video

Ukraine was able to develop its own hypersonic missile.

Despite the fact that today only Russia and China own hypersonic technologies (according to some reports, Israel also belongs here - approx. Ed.), It became known that their own hypersonic rocket was created in Ukraine. The latest development has received the name "Bliskavka" ("Lightning").

Experts relate to the demonstration of the Ukrainian hypersonic missile with rather great distrust, believing that this is only an attempt to interest investors, however, according to analysts, such a missile may indeed exist.

“Given the fact that the development was carried out on the basis of the Soviet X-31 supersonic missile, it is likely that Ukrainian rocket engineers managed to accelerate the missile to hypersonic speed, however, it is rather a threshold value, and judging by the size, the missile has a very limited range - possibly up to 80-100 kilometers ”, - the expert marks.

On the other hand, if Ukraine nevertheless developed such a missile, this may mean that other types of hypersonic weapons will appear in the arsenal of this country in the near future.

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