Ukraine, Turkey and the USA have worked out nuclear attacks on the Crimea from the Black Sea. Video

The United States, Turkey and Ukraine have worked out nuclear attacks on Crimea and southern Russia.

A few hours ago, American strategic bombers B1-B Lancer, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, suddenly appeared over the Black Sea accompanied by Turkish and Ukrainian combat aircraft, and according to a number of sources, they worked out nuclear strikes on the territory of the Crimean peninsula, where the main Russian military facilities in this region, as well as, quite possibly. and other military bases in the southern part of the country.

“Two US strategic bombers, the B-1B Lancer, flew over the Black Sea after a transatlantic non-stop flight on Friday, the U.S. Air Force Europe said. It is indicated that during the flight over the Black Sea, the bombers were first accompanied by Ukrainian Su-27 and MiG-29 fighters, as well as Turkish KS-135 refueling aircraft. The flight over Europe also included training on integration and interaction with Polish F-16 and MiG-29 fighters, as well as with the Romanian F-16 and MiG-21, which provided escort and combat patrols in the Black Sea region, the command reported.- reports the publication "Interfax".

It should be clarified that in the conditions of destabilization of relations between Russia and the United States, such a flight is a frank provocation, especially since the bombers were accompanied by a large number of combat aircraft.

“The United States is trying not only to demonstrate its surprise and combat readiness, but also to take frankly provocative steps, and, quite obviously, Russia will begin to react much harder to such actions, and this also applies to NATO member countries”, - the expert marks.


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