Ukraine fired GMLRS missiles at Antonovsky bridge leading to Kherson

The Armed Forces of Ukraine launched strikes with GMLRS missiles on the Antonovsky Bridge.

As a result of the launch of a package of at least 6 GMLRS missiles, at least one of the missiles accurately hit the roadbed of the Antonovsky Bridge, which led to very serious damage to the structure. Some of the missiles were intercepted by Russian air defense systems, however, as a result of a hit by one of the missiles, the blow turned out to be so strong that the process of restoring the structure to working capacity became seriously complicated. The fire on the bridge that started after the shelling also speaks of the force of the blow.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of the APU strikes on the Antonovsky Bridge. The video footage captures the moments of successful interception of most of the fired missiles, as well as the missile hitting the bridge leading across the Dnieper to Kherson. The missile strike on the Antonovsky Bridge turned out to be quite strong, although this did not lead to the collapse of the structure, however, if the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to strike at this point of the Antonovsky Bridge, there are serious risks of the collapse of this structure.

At the moment, it is known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to prevent the restoration of traffic on the Antonovsky bridge, however, they do not want to destroy it either, since it is not possible to quickly restore such a structure across the Dnieper.


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